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We understand that you deserve to have your belongings taken well care of. That is why we offer the following services and you can take either a full package or choose only the services that you want.




Our services


  1. Estimate – we take the estimate in the right way and we will reweigh if you are not satisfied the first time.
  1. Packing – We can do a partial packing or a full packing. Partial packing will involve you packing as much as you want and we will finish it off for you. We do not expect and, indeed we do not recommend people to pack their chinaware, electronics or heavy things like a grand piano. Leave it to the experts, leave it to us.
  1. Unpacking – We can also unpack and help you to settle in your new house well.
  1. Loading and unloading – you may be able to carry small boxes and medium size boxes. However when it comes to really heavy stuff, we offer you our services.
  1. Moving – we do all kinds of moves and we take your belongings to wherever you want to go.
  • Local moves – we can even take your stuff across the street if you want us to. There is no distance too short or too long for us to handle.
  • Long distance moves – Leave your worry behind when you hire us for all your long distance moves.
  • International moves – No border is too tough for us to handle. We can take you to any country that you want and we will ensure that you are safely in your new house.
  1. Tracking – We also guarantee peace of mind by keeping track of our vehicles and your goods via satellite tracking system.
  1. When it comes to packing and moving, a lot depends upon the movers and that is why we are concerned that you hire the right ones. Moving is our passion and we enjoy our job. We think it is important that you hire people who love what they do!


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