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Things To Avoid While Moving

People move all the time but they still find moving stressful. So here are a few moving tips on what not to do while moving which should help you to relax and have a smooth move.


Do Not Rely on Over-The-Phone Conversations – this includes getting estimates over the phone. People sound warn and friendly in telephone conversations and most people get hooked right in. however, you need to have a concrete estimate in your hand and you have to go over in person to check out the moving office. This is one of the most important moving tips as you cannot argue with the movers depending on word of mouth promises.


Do Not Wait Till the Last Moment – There are a lot of things people push till the last moment. Some of them are –


  1. Informing the neighbors, friends, post office and their co-workers about the move just before climbing into your car. This should be done as soon as you know where you are moving and giving them all a copy of your address will help strengthen relationships and will get letters to your new home more effectively.


  1. Also do not wait till the last day to sort through your things. Start doing this as early as possible so that you would know what exactly to pack when the time comes.


  1. You also need to finish your shopping at least a week before your move. You will need to be at home to do a hundred different jobs that you never thought existed and running to buy medicines or clothes at the last minute will eat up a lot of your precious time.


Do Not Be a Hoarder – Memories are precious but when they happen to be a big heavy breakable china tea pot that you have never used and are never likely to use, then it is time to make a decision. You might have picked it up while you were holidaying in China or got it as a gift from grandma. Whatever it may be, if you are not going to use it and if it takes up too much space, then maybe, you should consider throwing it out. That does not mean that you should throw everything that you do not use like the valuable stamp collection but things that are virtually useless and has value only in terms of memories can be left behind to make your move a lighter and better one.


Do Not get Depressed – Ok, maybe this is not really one of the most important moving tips that you should consider but being happy does matter a lot. Your mood will affect your near and dear ones and even your pets. So put on a cheerful face and think about all the new stuff that you will be able to do in your new home.


Most people might not want to take the trouble of reading up on moving tips but when you do, you will see a difference in the way the packing and moving go.

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