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Top 5 Unusual Things You Need While Moving

People think that moving is all about boxes and bubble wraps but there are some unusual small things that are vital for a move. In fact, without these things, you will not be able to pack and move out of the house successfully. So here are a few moving tips that will arm you for the move.


1. Duct Tapes – You need lots and lots of duct tapes and when they are in color it makes packing interesting. Use red duct tape for boxes that have to be unpacked first or on priority basis. Children can use tapes that have their favorite color. Now you don’t have to worry if you are unable to find duct tapes in various colors. After using the usual ones, you can tie the boxes using color ribbons. If you have children, you can get really creative and ask them to paint or add stickers to the boxes which will make them to identify their boxes easily. Involving children in packing will also help them to adjust better to the move.


2. Labels – After you have finished packing, immediately label the box. The more information that is on the label, the better it will be for the move. You can write the contents and even the room the box has to go it. You can also put a priority grade on the label and open it as per the label’s instructions. Of all the moving tips there are in the world, this is one of the most common and most over-looked tip.


  1. Weighing Machine – Now this is not to weigh the entire house but most boxes can hold only up to a certain limit. Weighing and packing will give prevent the box from tearing open in the middle of a move. Weighing machines can also help you to make crucial decisions about whether to take junk that you haven’t touched in 10 years to the new house. When it is heavy, old and unused, it is better to throw it away, rather than carrying it all the way to the new house and to leave it unused there.


  1. Paper – This is not in reference to the documents that you need when you move. Those are important for moving but unprinted paper comes in handy while packing. You can use them as extra padding between plates, use them in the sides and you can also use them as fillers.


  1. Pesticides – You may think that this is unimportant but just think of it as packing and moving a few bugs. There are sure to be places in your house which has not been untouched by human hands for a few years or at least, for a few months. Such places are favorite haunts of bugs of all shapes and sizes. By using pesticides, you will not only be leaving behind a pest-free house but will also be taking only your belongings and not these pests to your new house. However, if there are children in the house, then you had better ask for expert help and get rid of the bugs.  Keep the pesticides out of reach of children as they can get mixed up with other things during packing and they can prove to be dangerous for them.


With these unusual moving tips, your packing is sure to be a success.

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